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You surely know these situations where you create a new function, which needs e.g. a "^whatever" type. But the only such predefined type (I know of) is windows.PInt, which is "^integer". So if you need any other type, you have to define it yourself. And that in every unit over and over again. Being tired of that I decided to make a collection of the most useful type variations. The unit "madTypes" consists of nothing but such standard type definitions.

The madTypes Reference contains a list of all types I've defined.

The names of the types follow a specific logic, which is:

  TPWhatever   = ^whatever;

  TSWhatever   = set of whatever;
  TPSWhatever  = ^TSWhatever;

  TAWhatever   = array [0..highestPossibleIndex] of whatever;
  TPAWhatever  = ^TAWhatever;

  TDAWhatever  = array of whatever;
  TPDAWhatever = ^TDAWhatever;

I've sorted the types into the following categories:

Boolean Char Unsigned Ordinal Signed Ordinal Pointer String IUnknown