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The "madSecurity" package makes it easily possible to handle Shares and other Security Objects like file security or registry security. To be able to do so, this package also features functionality around Accounts and ACEs and ACLs.

When using "madSecurity", you don't need to care whether you're running under win9x or winNT/2000. Just behave as if you would be programming for winNT/2000, your program will then work the same way in win9x. Well, win9x only has a subset of winNT's security abilities, so some functions and some properties/methods do not work in win9x, but the most important stuff does work. I've explicitely marked each feature, which doesn't work in win9x.

A full list of what is contained in this package can be found in the madSecurity Reference.

Accounts ACEs ACLs Security Objects Shares

madSecurity is free for non-commercial usage (only).

You can find more information including the full download at