What Is New 


madExcept 5.0

•  added support for RAD Studio 10.3 Rio
Supported are 32bit and 64bit Delphi native Windows projects, and 32bit BCB native Windows projects.
•  64bit memory and resource leak reporting
All the extensive memory and resource leak reporting features which only worked in 32bit applications in madExcept 4.x are now fully supported in 64bit applications, as well.
•  64bit debug memory manager
The debug memory manager, which helps you locate buffer overruns, accesses to already freed memory or other hard-to-find bugs, now fully supports 64bit applications, as well.
•  GUI rework
Not available just yet, but planned for early/mid 2019 is a mild rework of the GUI, with the goal of making the GUI look nearer to standard win10 applications, and with full support for high DPI settings.