madExceptVcl Unit

This unit contains nothing but the one component "TMadExceptionHandler", which is shown in the "madshi" tab in your component collection. The component makes your life a bit easier by doing 2 things for you:

1. It automatically enables madExcept for the current project.
2. It encapsulates calls to RegisterExceptionHandler and RegisterExceptActionHandler for you. It's easier double clicking in the object inspector to install an event handler than writing all the code yourself, of course. However, please note that the event handlers get installed in the moment when the form is created. If that is too late for you, you should call RegisterExceptionHandler and RegisterExceptActionHandler manually, e.g. in a unit's initialization section or directly in the project file.

Please note that the exception handlers installed by this component are always "synchronized". That means the event handler will always be called in the context of the main thread (if possible). You have more choice when calling the mentioned functions like RegisterExceptionHandler yourself.

type TMadExceptionHandler = class (TComponent)

property TMadExceptionHandler.OnException    : TExceptEventOO;
property TMadExceptionHandler.OnExceptAction : TExceptActionEventOO;