madExcept Settings (Tab 6)

You can click on the tabs in the left side of the image:

bug report & screen shot attachments...

By default madExcept sends the bug report as an attachment. If you don't like that, you can turn it off. For bug report mailing you might then want to use "%bugReport%" as the mail body text, instead. This will make sure that the bug report is pasted into the mail body.

When sending the bug report as an attachment, you can also add the eventually saved older bug reports to the bug report file attachment. If you decide to do that, it probably also makes sense to delete the saved bug report file afterwards.

You can ask madExcept to attach a screen shot to the bug report. If you decide to use this option, you can furthermore choose whether you want a screen shot of the full screen, or whether you want to limit the screen shot to windows of your process. In the latter case all areas of the screen shot which are not covered by your windows will be whited out automatically. Finally you can decide in which format you want the screen shot to be.

file names & zip configuration...

The bug report attachment usually is sent as "bugreport.txt" and the screen shot attachments is usually sent as "screenshot.png". If you don't like those names, you can change them. Also you can add custom attachments and you can also send them under which ever name you want.

If you want to send big attachments, you might want to have them compressed. You can do so by specifying a zip file name for each attachment you want to have compressed. E.g. you can put "bugreport.txt" and "screenshot.png" into a zip file named "", while putting your own custom attachment "biglogfile.txt" into "". You can split the attachments into seperate zip files or put them all into one zip, just as you like. Of course you can also leave some files uncompressed. E.g. compressing the screen shot doesn't really make so much sense, cause the png file format is already zipped internally.