madExcept Settings (Tab 5)

You can click on the tabs in the left side of the image:

You can click on the 3 tabs "upload to web server", "send via SMTP" and "use local mail client" to get more detailed help.

send settings...

First of all you need to decide which method your program should use to send bug reports to you. There are 3 basic options. The most reliable option is upload to web server. This is so reliable because the data is transferred via HTTP and most firewalls let that pass just fine. However, this method requires you to setup a web server. The second best option is send via SMTP. This method is easy to setup, but some firewalls might block it. The easiest method to setup is "use local mail client". This way madExcept will try to use the mail client software which is installed on the end user's PC to send the bug report to you. Unfortunately doing so is not very reliable because many end users don't have a mail client software installed at all. You can also activate multiple send methods. This way if one method fails, madExcept will try another one.

You can let madExcept send the bug report in a background thread or in the current user interface thread. If you decide to use the background variant, the progress window is shown in the bottom right of the screen, so that the end user can continue working right away. Otherwise the progress bar is shown in the middle of the screen in modal state. Background sending is not possible (automatically turned off) during dll initialization & finalization.

use local mail client...

You can enter one or multiple mail receiver(s), seperated by a comma.

There are two different APIs available to contact the locally installed mail client software. The MAPI API allows madExcept to add file attachments, but unfortunately it doesn't support Unicode, so use it only if you don't need Unicode support.

The mailto (also called "shell mail") method is used by internet browsers to send an email. madExcept can use this method, too, but unfortunately it doesn't support attachments. At least it supports Unicode, although in some mail clients you may have to activate "utf8" support to make Unicode support work.