madExcept Configuration

In Delphi's "Tools" menu there's a menu item called "madExcept configuration...". Clicking on that menu item opens a configuration dialog which lets you specify how you would like madExcept to behave inside of the Delphi IDE. Here's a screen shot of the configuration window:

The first and most important thing you can decide is whether you want madExcept to catch exceptions which happen inside of the Delphi IDE. Those exceptions can be bugs in the IDE or misbehaving third party packages. Or maybe your own component package.

The option "enable Unicode hack for settings dialog" allows you to select whether madExcept should try to support Unicode in the madExcept settings dialog in Delphi and BCB versions older than Delphi/BCB 2009. You know, VCL Unicode support was added in Delphi/BCB 2009. The hack is limited to the settings dialog. The madExcept code that is linked into your exe/dll files can do Unicode without needing any hacks.

In the section "what may madExcept do to your project?" you can specify what parts of your project madExcept may adjust to fit its own needs. E.g. when allowing changes in the compiler & linker options, madExcept makes sure that a detailed map file is generated.

Of course you can turn all that off. In that case madExcept doesn't hamper around with your project, anymore. However, it's your own responsibility then to make sure that madExcept gets what it needs to work correctly.