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A full list of everything that is contained in the "madBasic" unit can be found in the madBasic Unit Reference.

The unit "madBasic" is (the name already indicates it) more or less a base unit. It contains the base interfaces which are used by almost all other high level mad* packages. The interface IBasic is the very base of all other interfaces I'm using. The interface IList (which is of course a descendent of IBasic) is the base interface for all kind of list interfaces. Then we have the ICustomBasicList interface, which is the base of those kind of list interfaces that list IBasic items.

Base interfaces
IBasic IList ICustomBasicList

Apart from the base interfaces, which never show directly to the user of any mad* components in pure form, the unit "madBasic" contains also functionality, that is of direct use for you programmers:

End User Functionality
Critical Sections