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AmInvalid madBasic This object is invalid.
BadFunction madDisAsm The specified function is bad.
CantChangeAceType madSecurity You can't change the Ace type from IObjectAce to IAce or vice versa.
CantCopyFunction madKernel This function cannot be copied.
CantUndoReadOnly madShell You can't unprotect an ID list.
CodeNotInterceptable madDisAsm This code is not interceptable due to its design.
DoubleHook madDisAsm This code was already hooked by another hooking library.
IndexOutOfRange madBasic Index out of range.
InvalidClass madBasic Invalid class.
InvalidCode madDisAsm Invalid code!
InvalidIndex madBasic Invalid index.
InvalidReplaceArray madKernel Invalid replace array.
LonelyAce madSecurity The Ace has no valid owner Acl.
LonelyAcl madSecurity The Acl has no valid owner security object.
NoDesktopItem madShell This is no desktop item!
NoTopLevelWindow madKernel This function works only on top-level windows.
NoWin32Process madKernel This function works only on win32 processes.
ProcessStartedButNoID madKernel Process was started, but Windows returned invalid PID.
ProtectedIDList madShell This ID list is protected!
RefreshListError madKernel Can't refresh this kind of list.
SectionBlocked madBasic The critical section is already owned by another thread.
SectionLeaveError madBasic The critical section is owned by another thread.
Unknown madBasic Unknown error.
UnknownTarget madDisAsm This target can't be seen in the assembler code.
WaitAbandoned madKernel Wait abandoned.
WaitFailed madKernel Wait failed.
WaitTimeout madKernel Wait timeout.