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This is not your every day VCL component collection. You won't see many new colored icons in the component palette. My packages don't offer many visual components to play with. Sorry, if you expected that!

My packages are about low-level stuff for the most part, with as easy handling as possible. To find the hidden treasures, you will have to look at the documentation (which you're reading just in the moment). Later I plan on writing some nice demos, but for now the documentation must be enough to get you started.

madBasic madDisAsm madExcept madRemote madKernel madCodeHook madSecurity madShell

Let me introduce all the different packages to you. First of all we have madBasic, which implements (as the name already implies) some basic stuff. All the other packages need madBasic. It contains some tool functions like message handling, compression, encryption and a lot of quite fast string functions.

The next package to mention is madDisAsm, a little disassembler, which can analyse binary code at any memory position and tell you several things about it.

One of my favorites is madExcept, which replaces Delphi's exception handling with a much more intelligent solution. With madExcept integrated into your projects, you will get detailed bug reports from your customers, which should directly help you to find and fix your bugs.

If you need to get into other processes, you should have a look at madRemote. With this package you can allocate memory in other processes, you can copy whole functions to other processes and you can create threads in other processes.

The package madKernel makes dealing with processes, threads and these kind of things very easy. There's a lot of undocumented stuff hidden in madKernel like converting handles to IDs or enumerating "secret" things.

Finally, one of the best available general purpose API hooking packages is here, namely madCodeHook. It combines the best available hooking methods with the easiest possible usage.

Have you ever tried sharing a folder in both win9x and winNT? The two OS families have totally different API sets. It's really a mess. With madSecurity it all gets much easier. You don't need to care about the operating system family anymore, madSecurity even emulates ACLs and ACEs in win9x to make your life easier.

Some nice things are contained in madShell, too. It encapsulates the most important shell COM objects, making them much easier to use.

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The package madBasic is freeware, all other packages are free only for non-commercial usage. You have to buy a license if you want to use those packages for commercial purpose. Please read the Software License Agreement carefully.

Here you'll find more information about the whole madCollection including the full download: http://madCollection.madshi.net.

If you're interested in what exactly has changed in which version, please have a look at the Version History.

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